The famous labor intensive Italian fruitcake, made easy.


Group Weight / Volume Product
Mio Panettone 2.700 gr base ingredients
Butter 99,9% 400 gr base ingredients
Eggs 200 gr base ingredients
Yeast 260 gr base ingredients
Water (moderate temperature) 800 gr base ingredients
Black Line Orange Dices 900 gr filling ingredients
Raisins 400 gr filling ingredients
Rum 120 gr filling ingredients


    Mix all the base ingredients together at low speed for 8 minutes and then switch to high speed for 1 minute until you get a stretchy dough (dough temperature: 30-32OC).

    Add the raisins (should be soaked in the rum) and the orange dices and mix at low speed for 1 minute.

    Allow the dough to rest for 10 minutes in warm room temperature.

    Cut the dough into 450-500 gr portions or depending on the size of the molds you will use.

    Round up the dough and place into Panettone molds.

    Proof (±35OC/75% moistness) for 2 hours until the dough rises to the maximum Hight of the mold.

    Coat with egg wash or Ovex Powder-ZK (egg wash replacer) or with a preferable glaze after baking.

    Bake at 170OC without steam for 50 minutes. Make sure to keep the damper open.